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Vascular lesion (port-wine stain, hemangioma, angioma) and redness from diffuse blood vessels (rosacea, telangiectasias, spider veins, sun damaged skin) can be effectively treated with the Candela VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser.  

What is VBEAM / Pulsed Dye Laser?

The Candela VBeam is a Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) that delivers an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively targets blood vessels and redness without damaging the surrounding skin.  In fact, treatment is so safe that it has been successfully used since the 1980’s for treating birthmarks in infants and young children. During treatment, the epidermis is protected by Candela’s dynamic cooling method, DCD, which sprays a cooling mist onto the targeted area of skin before each laser pulse, maximizing comfort and protecting the skin during treatment.

What is the procedure like during treatment?

Most patients are reclined or lying down depending on the area being treated.  Special goggles / eyeshields will be placed to protect your eyes during laser operation.  When treatment begins, the laser will be calibrated and parameters will be set based on the specific condition being treated.  Generally, treatments are performed once every 4-6 weeks.  Some conditions require only a few treatments while others may require multiple treatments for clearance.  Treatments usually take from 15-30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Anesthetic is usually not required during treatment.  The feeling most patients report is a slight stinging sensation like snapping a rubber band as the pulses of energy are delivered.  For certain treatments, topical anesthesia can be used to lessen the discomfort.  Following laser treatment, the area may continue to sting slightly or feel warm.

What are the Side Effects of Treatment?

Most patients will notice some swelling and redness that will last 2-5 days.  Immediately after treatment, some patients may have temporary bruising of the skin which can last 5-7 days.  As with any other laser procedures, there is a possibility of rare side effects such as scarring and permanent discoloration.

What results can I expect?vbeam

Patients with rosacea or redness will see a progressive decrease in redness with every treatment.  These improvements will steadily increase with each treatment. The results of laser therapy vary depending on the condition that is being treated and the number of treatments required for clearance.  Although VBeam is very effective in most cases, no guarantees can be made that you will benefit from treatment.  Sometimes a lesion may not completely clear but should appear lighter.  Rarely, a vascular lesion may not respond to laser treatments at all.

Are the results of Pulse Dye Laser Treatment Permanent?

While the PDL laser is very effective at reducing redness and blood vessels, new blood vessels may form with time.   Patients with rosacea have a tendency to form new blood vessels, so maintenance treatments may be needed.

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