Botox and Dysport

Wrinkles and Frown Lines are caused by multiple factors including natural aging, heredity, gravity, sun exposure, and repeated contraction of certain facial muscles associated with expression. Years of squinting and frowning tend to leave deep wrinkles in the skin between the eyebrows and on the nose, across the forehead, and at the corners of the eyes. On many people, these folds produce an angry or sad look that detracts from a pleasant facial appearance. Dr. Mann can now remedy these wrinkles and lines without scars and without surgery by a simple injection of Botulium Therapy.

What is Botulium Therapy?

Botulium type A is a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a smooth, rejuvenated, and more youthful appearance. Two products are currently FDA approved for this use: Botox and Dysport.



What’s the Difference between Botox and Dysport?

Until 2009, Botox was the only brand available in the United States. In 2010, Dysport was FDA approved. Dysport is very similar to Botox, with the same active ingredient. It was been used in Europe for many years. Some patients may find that Dysport starts to work a little faster (in 2-3 days, while Botox may take 3-5 days). They both last about the same lengthof time.


How do BOtox and DYsport work?

Botulium therapy is administered in a few tiny injections of purified protein that relaxes muscles by temporarily blocking nerve impulses that trigger the wrinkle-causing muscle contraction. Once the muscles are weakened and relaxed, the overlying skin in the area gradually return to its smooth, wrinkle-free state and new creases are prevented from forming. Since we can precisely target undesired areas only, muscles such as those needed to raise the eyebrows are not affected so a natural expression is maintained.

How long Do Botox and Dysport last?

Both Botox and Dysport have similar duration– about 3-4 months. Interestingly, most patients will notice that subsequent treatments will last longer because the muscles that usually make the wrinkles weakens over time. To maintaine the effects of Botox, plan on three treatments a year the first 1-2 years, then usually about 2 treatments a year.

Why choose Dr. Mann?

Dr. Mann’s philosophy is to provide you with a natural looking result– we want to soften the lines so you look more youthful without the “Botoxed” look. Most of our patients receive compliments after the procedure such as “you look more well-rested,” and not “what did you have done?”

Botox treatment is as much of an art as it is a science. For example, the shape of the brow on a woman’s face is one of the most important aesthetic concerns. You can flatten the brow with too much Botox. When done correctly, the brow maintains its natural arch. Similarly, a few selected units of Botox in the right spot can provide a natural lift to the eyebrow. It is important to choose a physician who pays attention to the details and understands the anatomy of the face. Dr. Mann is well versed in the art of Botox and trains physicians in Botox injections both nationally and in the Cleveland area.


BEFORE                                             AFTER

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